Friday, May 31, 2013

most of the major stuff on the model, need to add details and etc...
should name the model too

ugh... face so ugly... def need to redo that @.@

female character torso, wanted the body to look like the korean cosplayer Tasha, but a bit more stylized to be like Head Hunter Nidalee from league of legends

the accessories for the character, will prob add more later, wanna have her have like a little robot companion 

 her hair and face - face is mostly off of Tasha and the hair will be like Nidalee/Kerrigan, i like the dreadlocks look
and i wanna have her have a scar on her face

weapons, i want her to have some kind of bow, or compound bow, pistols and knives

super base mesh made out of nurbs and turned into polygon

Saturday, May 25, 2013

modeled my galaxy s3, practice for a character im planning on making over the summer, she will be using a similar phone to this

Saturday, May 18, 2013

final from gam modeling 1 class, tried hand texturing... lot harder than i thought but it came out ok... i think

make up test that i had to do for missing a day when we had a test that day, also did hand painted, much easier than the first time and think it turned out better, first time trying out alphas too =D
gunna go back to it and add dirt grimes to the corners

256x256 map