Tuesday, July 15, 2014

only got to work on it for a few hours today, fixed the proportions to match the concept a bit more, friend was kind enough to do a quick paint over to show the proportions, so hopefully i matched it a bit better
fixed the face, and cleaned up the clothing/armor pieces a bit but still lots left to do, and just found out about dynamesh w/ polish @.@ man.... wish i had known about that earlier...
now that i look at the picture maybe push the back in a bit so from 3/4 view her waist area has more of a curviness to it

paintover by kris vita

been doing nothing but 2d drawings for the past few days... went back to do a little bit of 3d  for old times sake... still needs a bit of work but im satisfied w/ it for a days work but need to draw faces more... still having a hard time w/ it