Thursday, September 19, 2013

didnt have much time to model today but stayed up late for a bit to get at least some work done on the character

so got her rifle down, low poly mesh and i need to hi rez it so ill do that tomorrow

just tweeked the rings around the belt to fit the overall shape of the belt

fixed the carrier case on the hip to have a lip for the opening and also modeled a ring that a friend was wearing today, looked very cool to me, although u cant really see the ring in the model, im trying to focus on attention to detail, the small things that make the character come to life and has some sort of background to her

instead of going for a super clean cut look, i wanted to go for a dirty version of the character, one that has just gone out to a firefight and come back all beat up and scratched, hopefully i can manage my time well

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